ZachIR's Blog - Chicken Alfredo Toast Recipe

Alfredo Chicken Toast

Garlic bread, with chicken, cheese, and alfredo sauce






  1. Cut each chicken tender in half, width-wise, to fit the toast better, and then add spices.
  2. Add just enough butter to coat the pan, and then grill the chicken.
  3. Prepare the toast. If using premade garlic bread, separate out 8 slices and bake them according to directions.
  4. For alfredo, add butter and cream to a pot and heat up, do not let boil.
  5. When hot, add in the parmesan cheese and mix until it fully combines (the sauce will still be a little watery, it will thicken as it cools).
  6. Mix in garlic and onion powder.
  7. When everything is finished, move the toast to a tray, and add a mozerella slice per toast.
  8. Add chicken tenders next, one piece per toast.
  9. Cover in alfredo sauce.