I am Zach (ZachIR), an adopted son of God, a l33t software haxx0r (I even main neovim and artix linux), a musician, and a writer (all as hobbies). I use (almost) entirely libre software (a term which I use because I think the name Free software when referring to free as in freedom is a terrible name), and I hate javascript and the big proprietary operating systems (OS X, Windows, ChromeOS, Android, iOS).

I am not, nor have I ever been, a lizard person. I also do not bite, but I do have some baffling takes from time to time, so be warned.

I am (or rather, will eventually be) an author: I have been writing a fiction story (called The Festival of Red) for going on 8 years now, and there is still no end in sight; not because I have this monumentally large volume of writing, but because I keep pulling a Zach about it. For those who don’t know (welcome to the website, by the way) “pulling a Zach” basically means picking something up, working hard on it for a little bit, and then abandoning it for a few months at a time. That said, I am regularly getting slightly closer over time, so hopefully by the time I turn 30 I will be able to publish it. That is the goal, anyways.

I am also a songwriter; however, I do not have a release date for the album we are working on. I will give some details, though: we are Echoes of Sirens, an alternative rock band, somewhere in the vein of an edgy Weezer with less talent, and more garage band.

I am also something of a software developer; I have a collection of scripts, as well as a special script, volsv, which is basically a cli volume control for Linux and OpenBSD (it probably works on Free/NetBSD, but I haven’t tried either). Additionally, I publish my dotfiles and suckless builds (st, dwm, and dmenu).