[SATIRE] Firefox Adds “Ok Google” Support

Firefox Adds “Ok Google” Support [SATIRE]

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker announced over the weekend, that Firefox 93 will be shipping with a new feature: “Ok Google”.

“I just want people to know that we aren’t doing this because Google is paying us,” Baker replied when asked for comment. “We truly believe privacy is a fundamental right for people who agree with us, and so we want people to know that Ok Google will be opt-out if you dig around in the about:config page.”

“Everyone knows Google is a privacy-respecting company that stands for an open web,” she continued. “Which is why we chose to just use Ok Google rather than make our own AI.”

Baker explained that Firefox has been sorely lacking in the virtual assistant department.

“When our users talk to us, we listen. But because we know what’s best for them, we decided that what everyone really needs is a virtual assistant for their browser. Like Clippy. Because everyone loves Clippy, right?”

Baker is confident this will boost Firefox marketshare to the point of truly rivaling Google Chrome.